Best Quality Charcoal

We provide very high quality lump charcoal.  

Best Jarom's Citrus

Jahrom is the most important city of Fars province in producing citrus. There are more than 30,000 hectare of citrus gardens in Jarum producing more than 750,000 tons of citrus fruit.

Citrus Blossoms

We provide the best citrus blossoms.

Amani (dried) Lemon

We are proud of providing very high quality Amani (dried) lemons!

Trading citrus wood

Trading citrus wood

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We provide the best citrus blossoms.


Throughout the ages, the fruit of citrus trees has been a symbol of eternal love, happiness, and even holiness. The Japanese believed citrus blossoms represented chastity, while the Saracens believed it was a symbol of fruitfulness. Kings and queens built entire indoor gardens around citrus; Arab women used its essence to color gray hair, and Nostradamus wrote about how to use its blossoms and fruit to make cosmetics. Hercules so valued it, he stole the golden fruit from Hesperides, who protected it as the primary food of the ancient Roman and Greek gods.

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